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Once again the aim of this page is to enable closer communication of social workers within local authorities, to share practice, share resources and support each other around the area of kinship care.  We hope that this site proves useful for you but for it to work it also depends on you to share your work and practice.

Now that you have signed up you are able to undertake searches through 2 different methods. You can either search for a local authority or you can search under the following headings: Kinship Policy and Procedures, Assessment Frameworks, Kinship Allowances, Training, Support groups, News and events and of course our Question and Answer section which allows you to link up with each other and get help to any questions you may have or give advice or practical help.

To upload or share information please share links to and we will ensure that all documentation etc will be uploaded and published.   If you would like more sections or information on this then please do let us know.

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