Welcome to the professional section of www.kinship.scot

This site is specifically for use by social workers. The aim of this site is to enable closer communication of social workers within local authorities, to share practice, share resources and support each other around the area of kinship care. Through the development of policy and legislation there is now a number of challenges and changes which need to be met and we hope that this online forum will allow you to identify what is happening on a national level.

Once you sign up you will be to share your policies and practice, training provisions, financial allowances and to share your toolkits and resources and link up with others. We also have a Q & A element which allows you to link up with each other and get help to any questions you may have or give advice or practical help.

Can we please ask that when you enter the website, you check if your information from your local authority has been added. If not could you add this in, or else, ask someone who is the main point of contact to do so.

This is a protected site which will require you to set up an account. Upon request of this you will be given log in details and then you are free to use the site.

We hope that this site proves useful for you – but for it to work it also depends on you to share your work and practice.

If you require assistance to upload or share information, please share links to admin-scotland@mentoruk.org and we will ensure that all documentation etc will be uploaded and published. If you would like more sections or information on this then please do let us know.

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